Kiley Park Beautification Underway!

Posted on April 26, 2009


Members of East Lynn Community Project plant flowers in front of Little League building at Kiley Park.

Members of East Lynn Community Project plant flowers in front of Little League building at Kiley Park.

As part of National Volunteer Week, a 2nd weekend Kiley Park clean-up was held on Sunday, April 26, under the hot sun.  Members of the East Lynn Community Association and others have been meeting once a month to clean the park.

Shovels and rakes were provided by Social Capital Inc. Lynn (SCI Lynn), a nonprofit organization promoting neighborhood rejuvenation and youth involvement to improve the city. Kim and Mallory, Americorp volunteers working for SCI Lynn, led a group of about 20 people, young and old, in cleaning and beautifying the corner of the park where the Little League concession stand is located. Members of the East Lynn Community Project (ELCP) and the Northshore Teen Initiative planted shrubs and flowers in front of the red cement building and by the tennis courts at the opposite end of the park.

Northshore Teen Initiative Volunteers

Northshore Teen Initiative Volunteers

Ward 3 Councillor Darren Cyr showed up with homemade sandwiches to feed the volunteers. He envisioned holding events such as sports tournaments and movie nights at the park this summer. Suggestions from others included dog obedience classes and art days for children. The residents of Lynn have much to look forward to.

Mr. Cyr also spoke about cleaning another park on Williams St. between Dana and Empire St. I’ve walked by this little park before, and it is in one of the poorer run-down neighborhoods. I drove by it after the cleanup at Kiley to take a picture, and was driving away when a young man called out. My first impulse was to step on the gas, but this young man ran after the car and kept calling. According to the young man, there were some flyers in the neighborhood promising a cleanup of the park that day, but no one showed up. I told him I didn’t know anything about it, but that our group had plans to help with his little park as well. He said there were a lot of kids on the street who could pitch in.

The other park.

The little park on Williams St.