Kiley Park Revisited

Posted on May 1, 2009


I was out for a walk with my greyhound, Sheena, and suddenly decided to see how our work was holding up at Kiley Park. I am pleased to report that it was mostly intact, with the exception of one potted geranium which was uprooted and turned on its side. I replanted it. Everything else is just as we left it, or more precisely in the case of all the leaves and trash, just as we removed it.

I did see a lot of waterbottles, both empty and full; still not as many as there were 2 weeks ago. A good idea, I think, would be to provide recycle bins in addition to more trash barrels and hang signs to encourage more recycling.

Finally, I hear there will be a mural painting in the Park at the end of May. Go to SCI Lynn for more details.

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