The Aftermath

Posted on June 26, 2009


The state of the economy hurts us in many ways. Companies lay off workers. School budgets get cut, eliminating programs that keep the schools safer and make them more enriching environments. This is what happened last night at the school committee meeting. The Ford is still a community school, but now just grades K-5. And in addition to police resource officers, school monitors will no longer roam the halls of Lynn’s public schools. 

Where do we go from here? The only alternative is to forge ahead and make due with what we have for now. And work (fight) to bring these things back. In the aftermath, I keep coming back to these points:

    1. The Ford is still a community school.
    2. The people of the Highlands feel passionate about their school. It is worth fighting for.
    Votes for and against the budget are in the public record, but like the stock market, previous votes are no guarantee of future returns. However, you’ve gotta put your trust in someone, and votes are one of the only concrete acts we have to decide who deserves our trust.
    3. Elections are coming up this year.

Ask your at-large City Councillors what they will do to restore funding to Lynn’s schools at the July 1 forum at Temple Abahat Shalom at 7PM.

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