The Heart of Lynn Talent Extravaganza

Posted on July 24, 2009


The Oasis Youth Group sets up at the Highlands Youth Fest

The Oasis Youth Group sets up at the Highlands Youth Fest on July 11, 2009

This Saturday, July 25, from 7 – 9:30 PM, the Oasis Youth Group of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church is staging a talent show to raise money for their upcoming missionary trip to New York City. They have also designed a silk screened I AM LYNN I COUNT t-shirt which will be for sale at the event.

The Heart of Lynn Talent Extravaganza is tomorrow from 7-9:30 PM at  St. Stephen’s Church on 74 South Common St. in Lynn. Tickets are $5.00 for students and $10.00 for adults. For more information and tickets, call 781-599-4220.

From their website, here is a summary of the Oasis Youth Group’s accomplishments:

The teens of Oasis and the Spot are committed to making a difference. They did most of the work around parking lot clean up before the Bishop’s visit in June. They created billboards and built a house to raise issues of concern and call people to hope and action. They designed “I Count” t-shirts and served as the floor team for the ECCO meeting with Mayor Clancy about funding for positive youth development program in the city. They prepared questions about the Commonwealth’s priorities for Governor Patrick and attended the Town Meeting on the Common. Oasis is on the move and adults who want their lives touched and transformed are needed to work with our young people. In July, Oasis continues to gather on the 2nd and 4th Fridays (July 10thand 24th) for faith and fellowship. They’ll also be around as Kids in Community mentors and garden tenders. Keep your eyes out for their fund raisers, like “The Heart of Lynn” on July 25, so that you can support them in their work. On August 16 we will be off to New York City on a mission trip while our three from the Youth Leadership Academy go on mission to El Salvador. All teens are welcome in Oasis. Summer’s a great time to get involved.

The mini-house they built as well as the billboards referred to above can be seen in front of the church on Common St. If you can’t make the talent show, go to the bake sale the following Sunday morning at the church. I didn’t see a time for the bake sale, but I am guessing it will be sometime after their morning service.