Mildred’s Corner Cafe

Posted on August 1, 2009


Newsletter-July 09-Word 97_html_5d983c63The Eating-out Club of the East Lynn Community Association had it’s first official meeting today, and it was a scrumptious one. There were 5 of us in attendance, and the talk ranged from who we were in our work-a-day lives to politics both local and national.

Mildred’s Corner Cafe is a breakfast and lunch place. It serves breakfast every weekend until 2PM and breakfast and lunch through the week. Located on 45 Lewis St. in Lynn, Jan, the owner, has thoughtfully decorated the interior and the exterior with bright reds, whites and blues and black and white checkered table cloths. For an establishment that opened in 2002, everything looks freshly painted. The theme is old movies, and black and white photos of patrons in the next-door waiting area/gift shop complement the black and white head shots of movie stars in the restaurant proper. If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium was playing on 3 wall-mounted TV’s when I walked in.

Mildred’s is small space but popular with the locals. When we arrived at 10:00, we did not have to wait for a table. As we dove into our breakfasts, we could see the waiting area fill up when we came up for air.

Our party was treated to a round of fresh fruit yogurt parfaits with granola sprinkled on top and I had the Italian Blend Omelette, the first menu item I laid eyes on. Mildred’s serves up breakfast with a twist, taking basic favorites and adding their own signature fillings and ingredients. For example, the Italian Blend Omelette had sundried tomato, sausages and mozzarella while the Mexican Omelette had shrimp and avocado. There was also an apple and brie cheese omelette as well as whimsical variations on pancakes and French Toast. Portions were filling. Coffee mugs hefty. Assorted loose teas were shelved on the wall. Friendly service and reasonable prices.

The next meeting of the Eating Out club is on September 26 at the Blue Ox for dinner. We’ll meet at 6PM. Anyone can join. Make a comment if you’re interested.

Mildred’s has a website. It took a bit of luck and searching, but here it is.

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