The ELCA Wants You!

Posted on August 22, 2009


voter-registration.350…to send them a question to ask the mayoral candidates for the Sept. 2nd town hall debate at the Temple Ahabat Shalom. The best questions will be selected by the East Lynn Community Association (ELCA) board and the people who submit them will get to ask their questions at the debate. Judy Flanagan Kennedy and David Rohnstock are expected to attend.

Personally, I like to hear all the candidates articulate their positions in person, rather than see so many yard signs or take someone else’s word for the their positions. Everything I see on the internet and in the newspapers I take with a grain of salt because I know that the media doesn’t always accurately capture what a candidate says.

If a third party tells me something good or bad about a candidate, I need to weigh their credibility when deciding whether to believe it or not. If you say something negative about a person, it tells me more about you than it reflects on who you’re talking about.

There is no substitute for listening to the candidate speak. For me, it opens a window into his or her character like nobody else’s opinion can do. It gives me an idea of how he or she will lead if they’ve never held the position before. If it’s the incumbent, I want to know why we should entrust him with the welfare of our city for another four years.

I hope Mayor Clancy eventually chooses to attend the debate. Then all three candidates will have the chance to not only give the people of Lynn a better basis for selecting the next mayor, but they will also get to face off against each other. How will they handle themselves? Will they evade the tough questions?

I know that the debate is only a few days before the primaries and that Judy Flanagan Kennedy is not on the ballot. But she has announced her intention to run. Her late announcement should not disqualify her from being able to tell the people of Lynn what she has to offer as mayor. Whether or not people vote for her in sufficient numbers in each ward of the city to get her on the ballot is another matter. Considering that the primary is non-partisan and the top two vote getters go on to the general election, we need to hear all three declared candidates explain their platforms and articulate their vision for the next 4 years.

For the first time in 8 years the city has a choice among three candidates for mayor. I thank Mayor Clancy for his service so far. He has proven to be worthy of the title. My vote is not decided. I need to hear each candidate express their vision before I can make an informed choice.