A Lively Debate

Posted on September 3, 2009


Mayor Clancy, David Rohnstock and Judy Flanagan Kennedy

Mayor Clancy, David Rohnstock and Judy Flanagan Kennedy

All three candidates were there! And that’s a good thing, else I fear I wouldn’t be calling this event a lively debate. I can’t thank Mayor Clancy, Judy Flanagan Kennedy and David Rohnstock enough for giving the people of Lynn a chance to hear their positions on issues affecting all residents of Lynn.

Lynn Happens has posted the uncut video of the debate. You may also view it by clicking the Vodpod widget on the sidebar. I haven’t quite figured out how to make it work properly or whether I need to upgrade to the hosted version of WordPress to get a still picture from the video to display, but it is there too.

To get the Lynn Item’s usual creative coverage, go to their website. There are also many people who commented on the Item blog, some of whom I believe were at the debate, and I think it can be enlightening to read some of the comments. Perhaps they will cause you to delve more deeply into the history of the various issues brought up. However, you can actually hear who said what without the slant of the writer if you watch the video.

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