Who is Charles E. Shannon Jr. and Why Does He Have a Grant Named After Him?

Posted on October 29, 2009


And what does this have to do with Lynn?

Charles E. Shannon Jr. was a Lexington police officer for 20 years. Shannon served 8 terms in the State Senate. During his tenure in the Senate, he worked on ways to combat gang violence in Somerville. After he died of cancer in 2005, the state of Massachusetts named a grant after him.

The Charles E. Shannon Jr. Community Safety Initiative (Shannon CSI) is administered by the State Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS) and goes to fund not only gang task forces in police departments across the state but youth violence prevention programs.

In 2008, the following programs in Lynn were funded by the Shannon Grant:

  • Saturday night Drop-in Center at Lynn VoTech
  • Straight Ahead Ministries
  • College Application Education Project (CAEP)
  • Essex County Community Organization (ECCO) Street Outreach Worker Program
  • 347 Summer jobs for teens including the Ford School Garden, St. Stephen’s summer programs for youth and City Hall Youthworks.
  • During the Highlands Coalition debate, the level of Shannon grant funding for Lynn came up. The following table was compiled by Alexandr Heimann of ECCO. I supplied the 2009 figures.

    Shannon grant

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