Pho Lynn on Hallowe’en

Posted on November 9, 2009


Owner Thuy Diem Le and her father, Tam Le, inside Pho Lynn

They did it again. The Dining-out Club of the East Lynn Community Association went out for lunch on October 31 at one of downtown Lynn’s nicer restaurants, Pho Lynn on Munroe St. Pho (pronounced fuh) is a Vietnamese beef and rice noodle soup, but Pho Lynn serves other noodle-based dishes as well as specialties like Pad Thai and Salmon with Tomato Sweet and Sour sauce. The prices are affordable.

I had a large noodle soup with rare eye-round and well done brisket for around $6.00. Sliced thin, the meat was succulent in the clear beef broth. A sprig of basil and bean sprouts were provided on the side. I am very glad I took my unfinished portion home. I ate it a week after going, and the bean sprouts were still crunchy and the broth still tasted of lime and basil. I will be going there again.

Thuy Diem Le is the owner; she opened the restaurant five years ago. Her father, Tam Le, and her mother, Lai Kim Nguyen, help her run the establishment. The space is fairly large and spacious. I saw a stack of books by the cash register, which immediately piqued my curiosity. Among the titles were the Tao of Physics and various college text books ranging from accounting to sociology. Thuydiem said they are her father’s; he has far ranging interests and likes to educate himself on a wide variety of topics.

Below are more pictures from a Lynn Hallowe’en.

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