Snowshoeing to the Skulls

Posted on January 4, 2010


This colorful, macabre mural is painted on an exposed rock face now known as Kallenberg Quarry. Originally property of the Robin Rock Granite company, it was purchased by the Lynnfield Conservation Commission in 1847. While not officially in Lynn, the area is on the other side of the power lines that run through the Lynn Woods and is part of the same forest. Rocks from this quarry were hauled to Boston to build the Custom House. I snowshoed to “the Skulls” as it’s called with a friend on Sunday afternoon; that’s me at the top on the left in the blue coat.

We also trekked to Bow Ridge, the highest point in Lynnfield, which “derives its name from a rocky promontory in the shape of a Native American’s bow,” according to the interpretive sign at the entrance to the reservation. From Bow Ridge, we could see the Boston skyline.

You don’t have to travel far to see some pretty amazing things. While we didn’t encounter any wild animals, we came across some deer tracks. One wonders what this landscape looks and feels like after night falls.