Stone Tower

Posted on January 12, 2010


Set atop Burrill Hill in Lynn Woods, the highest elevation in the city of Lynn, Stone tower is 48 feet tall and commands sweeping views of Lynn’s waterfront and the city of Boston. It was built for fire observation in 1936 as a project of the Works Progress Administration, a New Deal program designed to stimulate the economy by creating jobs.

Stone Tower is nearing the end of a $340,000 restoration effort. I snowshoed up to it over the weekend and found two contractors cleaning up after a day’s work to go home. They seemed truly honored to work on the restoration of this landmark. One of them invited me and another hiker onto the first floor; we couldn’t go up to the top because of safety concerns. They are waiting for the 48 foot tall spiral staircase to arrive. Apparently it is all in one piece, but I don’t see how they are going to get it through the front door! The tower is expected to reopen in August.

Information for this post was taken from The Friends of Lynn Woods website.