Gateway City

Posted on January 13, 2010


Down on the US – Mexico boarder, VC2 Producer Ami Cuneo spends some quality time with the Minutemen and Border Angels and attempts to shed light on the immigration quagmire.

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Clancy called Lynn a gateway city in one of the debates when he brought up the new SPIN Financial Stability center; the nonprofit organization My Turn, listed under Lynn resources in the blogroll, also uses this term. Like it or not, Lynn is a destination of legal and illegal immigrants from all over the world. Lynn wouldn’t be Lynn without them. Nor would a good share of the Item Live reader comments.

Watch this video from beginning to end and let me know what you think. I can’t watch this video without feeling sympathy for the Minuteman, CC, at the end. Perhaps he is just a confused young person. Or maybe he is onto something. It is tragic how two sides of an issue can be so polarized yet common ground acknowledged if only they let go of pre-conceived ideas about the “other side ” and stop labeling them with one-dimensional epithets. At least that’s the lesson I take away from watching this.

By the way, I fear it is impossible to write about this and not piss someone off.

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