Thumbs Up on Antique Table

Posted on January 22, 2010


Review submitted by Trish Greene.

It was a stormy election night when members of the East Lynn Community Association “Eating Club” gathered at the Antique Table, 2 Essex St, Lynn, MA. This cozy Italian restaurant sitting at the Lynn/Swampscott line has a fabulous reputation, and the group’s experience there did not disappoint.

Having seated the group at a large table, our waiter brought a basket of bread served with a spicy olive oil and took an order for a round of drinks.  The group decided on splitting two appetizers, the Antipasto and the Calamari.  Both were excellent choices.

Main dished ordered were:  Eggplant Parmesan served with Angel Hair Pasta, which the diner described as tender and mellow and served in a great sauce;  Chicken Marsala served with ziti, described by the diner as great flavor and a sweet sauce; the Antique Table Fettucine w/Shrimp and Spinach, described by the diner as outstanding flavor and huge portion; Chicken Parmensan served with Fettucine, described by the diner as excellent.

For a Tuesday night, this restaurant was doing a great business with most tables occupied.  This group gave this experience all thumbs up!

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