Leaving Boys and Girls Club

Posted on February 3, 2010


It’s an old stocky building sitting next to the Lynn Public Library. Inside, it could use some work, but it serves its purpose: to be a safe place where kids can hang out after school and do what kids do–play.

It was the last place I wanted to go tonight, but I had reluctantly agreed to volunteer a week ago, helping to prepare a meal and spend some time with the young adults and children. “Liberal guilt” (whatever that means) no doubt was my motivator, but let me tell you, I was the richer for having volunteered. The highlight of my evening was playing a friendly game of foosball with one of the kids. They were all good kids, and I got to know a few of them by name. They thanked us for the meal.

As I drove away into City Hall Square, I saw a group of 5 of them walking. Where? I don’t know, but the sight of them walking in the night caused me to reflect. If I hadn’t just met them, I would have immediately thought to myself, “What are those kids doing outside by themselves on the street? Up to no good probably.”

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