Be a Knight in Shining Armour

Posted on February 13, 2010


What better way to show that special someone you care than to buy a vase of long-stemmed roses? Here in Lynn, one of the best places to do just that is Welch Florist at 121 Essex St. What a well maintained, colorful storefront in the midst of a tired looking stretch of businesses on this main Lynn thoroughfare. What an eye-catcher the suit of armor is beneath the sign on the telephone pole: “Be her knight in shining armor this Valentines day. Order from Welch Florist.” Marketing 101. Being a supporter of small local businesses in Lynn, I decided right then and there that I must go inside and purchase a gift for my special someone on Valentines day.

Family owned and operated since 1947, Welch Florist has been voted Greater Lynn’s best florist 13 years by Market Surveys of America. I also saw a few Lynn Item Best of award on the wall. Not a business to be stuck in 1947, they have a website and a Facebook page. So you don’t even have to travel there, you can order online. To see some pictures of the inside of the store, go to their About us page.