Tacos Lupita

Posted on February 20, 2010


I visited Tacos Lupita for the first time tonight. As I sat at the table looking out the window and eating my tacos, the title of the Ernest Hemingway story, A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, came to mind.

Some parts of downtown are dark, but the antique-style flourescent lamps installed on Munroe and Oxford St. provide a clean, well-lighted place to walk. I felt relatively safe as I walked from my parked car on Munroe to Tacos Lupita. If ever I was mugged, certainly someone would see me.

I jest. The street was not busy by any means, but there were more than a few people out for the night. Tacos Lupita anchored the intersection of Munroe and Washington, brightly lit and full of diners. A large family had commandeered several tables.

Tacos Lupita is authentic Mexican. I want to make it a frequent stop in my travels. My corn tortillas were soft and hot, filled with delicious pork roasted on a rotisserie behind the counter, topped with fresh cilantro. They were delivered to my table in a purple plastic basket lined with paper.

The beauty of Lynn is that there are many restaurants like Tacos Lupita that serve fresh ethnic dishes that remind me of homemade, seem to be made from scratch, with fresh ingredients. Another is Pho Lynn (Vietnamese). These are two that I have been to. Are there other authentic ethnic eateries you can recommend? I pass by Mittaheap (Cambodian) near Market Square on a daily basis. How is that? I’ve heard of a Greek place as well.

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