Lynn Lagging in 2010 Census Participation Rate

Posted on April 7, 2010


My friend Jesse told me about this website where you can track your area’s census participation rate, that is, what percentage of census forms have been filled out and returned. Lynn neighborhoods are low compared to surrounding towns.

I had to take this screenshot above because WordPress won’t let me publish certain kinds code, or else I would have embedded a widget that allows you to look up your neighborhood’s participation rate. But if you click on the map above, you will be taken to the interactive map where you can zoom in on Lynn and compare it to Swampcott, Revere, Beverly, etc. Just enter your zipcode where prompted. It took a while on my computer with my DSL connection. I don’t know what the issue was, but if you’re patient it will eventually track to Lynn where you can select “local view.”

There you will see our neighborhoods are pretty low on turnout. This is not good as it affects the level of funds we can get from the federal government. Save time and money: Return you census form now! Don’t make those census workers come to your home!

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