Rincon Macorisano

Posted on May 16, 2010


You are invited to join the East Lynn Community Association Going out to Eat Club on its next culinary adventure at Rincon Macorisano at 350 Washington St. in Lynn. We will be ordering dinner at 7PM on May 19.

We’ll order a few different dishes and split them up family style.  This is a Dominican restaurant, so it will be a great experience for people to try a food-style from a large Lynn immigrant community.

Located in the heart of Lynn (adjacent to the Police station) this family owned restaurant offers a variety of the best taste in Caribbean cuisine plus popular American dishes. Beer and wine to accompany your good meal are also available. The Executive Chef and owner Basilio Encarnación, makes every effort to provide the best customer experience.

RSVP with restaurant maven Trish Greene at paintertrish67@yahoo.com so she can get a head count. Thanks, Trish, for organizing this ethnic eating experience.

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