Pre-Clean Sweep Observations

Posted on June 4, 2010


As the Clean Sweep to the Sea date draws near, I thought it would be advisable to do some scouting of the routes we’d be cleaning on the morning of June 12. I parked near Fernando’s, deciding that every scouting expedition should begin with with a cup of coffee and a muffin.

Fernando’s Culturefest last Saturday was a big success, and he plans on doing another one in August or so. Juan Gonzalez, the owner, is a great guy, and his family went out of their way serving some Spanish appetizers I found delicious and unlike any others I’ve had. The Food Project was handing out free seeds from their own gardens that day. I selected Kale, Collards, Beans and Nasturtium. Los Sugar Kings performed some groovy music, and the Salvation Army store was good for a few $.90 softcovers.

Walking down Market St., the first thing I noticed was that it got dirtier as I walked toward City Hall. Munroe and Oxford Streets are well kept, but the weeds down Andrew and Liberty grew thick, and litter had fallen between the city’s trash receptacles and their wrought iron holders. Trash piled up in the foyer of an empty storefront, windows lined with water stained paper.

Litter seems to love chain link fences.

A vacant lot on Union St. and a small park on Broad St. next to the Central Congregational Church that would benefit from some attention.

Overflowing trash barrels, some with “Lynn DPW” stamped on them, stand at various points. (Just making some observations, here, guys.)

Burchstead St. off Union is one dark mess. It’s a short side street; Le Fe Restaurant is on the corner.

There are no street signs at the corner of Union and Green and Green and Howard. As one of the routes turns on these streets, that may be a problem.

Walsh’s Garage is an eyesore. There’s not a lot of trash there, but it’s still an eyesore. Is it even open?

I see “Feast” has left his mark in the downtown area too. I don’t know who “Feast” is, but his graffiti tag recently turned up in my neighborhood. It festoons small upright structures such as electrical and mail boxes up and down Eastern Ave. I wonder if vandalizing mail boxes is a Federal offense. Whoever “Feast” is, I’d like to see him do some Community Service time.