World Folk Festival Pictures

Posted on July 5, 2010


The 2nd annual World Folk Festival at Heritage State Park on July 3rd was well attended, though not overcrowded. Still in its infancy, I hope it becomes an event that grows and attracts people from all over the area, like the Lowell Folk Festival. That would be an ambitious undertaking, and many more people would need to be involved. But Lynn is a multicultural city with a rich history and many venues for entertainment. Lynn Heritage State Park is not too far from the T station, and Lynn Auditorium is but a stone’s throw away. The traditional food one can find here is also plentiful. Here are some photos from the event. For more pictures, see Downtown Lynn‘s live report.

Getting ready for a dance illustrating day to day life in a Khmer village. Girl in center will do traditional dance while children act out village occupations.

A loom, a spinning thing and planing wood.

The dancer

The young man is carrying something on his shoulder, not sure what.

Churning butter?

A proud family

Julio Bare and Band and Divinity Salsa Dancers

Songs and dances from South America

Julio Bare

Horn players