A Litter Vigilante Promotes Dumpster Day

Posted on July 23, 2010


No, this is not Lynn! In 2007, trash collectors in Naples, Italy, went on strike, precipitating a trash crisis.

This shows you how bad it can get. While Lynn doesn’t come close even on its worst days, myself and others still fume about the level of trash in our fair city. For me, it depends on what kind of day I’m having. Somedays I’m just too tired to care. “We live in a city, after all,” I tell myself. “There’s gonna be trash.”

Other times I feel like the author of the Lynn Experiment. The litter is too much to bear. Windblown lottery tickets from Nina’s, napkins from Pizza Lovers, and cigarette butts come rushing down the street to invade my driveway. Empty soda bottles throw themselves into the gutter. A stray TV decides to squat on the sidewalk. “This looks like a good place,” it says,” and plants itself by my house.

I pick up my weapons of choice, a broom and a shovel, and head out into the maelstrom. As innocent bystanders walk by I imagine that they are all responsible for the mess. In my mind’s eye, I see a young man dispose of his sub wrapper on the street. “You want respect?” I shout at him. “Where’s your respect for my neighborhood!?” Heads pop out of windows. I show him a thing or two.

Sometimes, I just pick it up and don’t think twice, like the guy I see who regularly cleans up just outside the Essex St. Laundromat.

Anyway, the Lynn DPW is having a dumpster day tomorrow. I see no mention of it on their website or Facebook page (C’mon guys, get with it); however, it is clearly marked on the recycling calendar they mail to all residences. On Dumpster day, you can dispose of large items at DPW headquarters on 250 Commercial St. from 7AM to 2PM. No appliances or contractors, and there’s a $10 fee for disposing of TVs and monitors. There is no charge for dropping off old fluorescent light bulbs.

Naples now. A noticeable improvement but still

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