Posted on August 2, 2010


Twin rat holes, lower left and mid right.

Rats have been an ongoing problem in my neighborhood. I am now in the midst of rodent-proofing my back yard because it is a rat thru-way between 2 abutting properties. On one side is the back lot of a commercial property, home to a hair cutting establishment and a pizza place. I could go into some history here, but I’ll leave that for another time, maybe.

On the other is the back of a rental unit where the occupants insist on leaving bags of garbage, construction waste and a computer monitor which has been there for at least a year. I’ve not met them, but I’ve smelled the aroma of their drug of choice as early as 6 in the morning, and that’s some good shit they’re smoking. I’ve also had the pleasure of being privy to their sometimes rather heated familial disagreements. My wife refers to them as “Wake and bakes.”

Exposed garbage bags on the other side of the fence attract rats

So the rats have basically been using the corner of my backyard as the passageway between these two properties. In their wake they leave shreds of plastic bags and food containers. Having dogs, we found it necessary to fence off that portion of the yard. The other night Mr. French, the pug, was barking at something there. I shined the full force of my Workforce spotlight at the area, and beheld the beady eye of a rat looking through the gaping hole gnawed through the bottom of the fence. This rat had the temerity to stare back at me at length and then boldly step through the hole, pass through my backyard and exit through another hole in close proximity to the backlot of the pizza place.

When not alerting me to the presence of rodents, Mr. French basks in the sun

We’ve seen rats many times before, but this episode has prompted me to finally board up the gaps in the fence. I also called inspectional services about it this morning. We’ll see what happens. I already see 3 rat poison traps in the backlot of the pizza place.

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