Adopt a Block

Posted on August 13, 2010


Is there some neighborhood cleanup going on that I don't know about?

In grammar school religion class, I learned that gospel means “good news.” To some degree, I hope this blog is like gospel, although the good news I’m hoping to spread may not have anything to do with God. This post is the exception to that caveat.

Driving down Hamilton Avenue from the Ford School, I spied a team of 5 people with trash bags cleaning the sidewalk. I had to pull over and ask them what they were doing.

Laura Keller was de facto spokeswoman for the group from the East Coast International Church (ECIC). They’ve spent the week in this part of Lynn doing what they call “Adopt a Block.”

As Laura puts it, “we’re showing people love by adopting an area and asking residents if there’s anything we can do for them. Whatever it is–yardwork, housecleaning–we’ll do whatever they ask. The man who lives here said he would like us to clean up the sidewalk beside his fence.”

Keller’s group is from Rhode Island, however the ECIC occupies a building on 65 Munroe St. in downtown Lynn. The group has also been entertaining neighborhood kids at Cook Avenue playground with face painting and inflatable amusements, what I call “those bouncy things.”

East Coast International Church Adopt-a-Block crew on Hamilton Ave.