Discovering Spring Pond Woods

Posted on August 27, 2010


Spring Pond from the Lynn side near Camp Lion

Today I decided to visit Spring Pond Woods to experience its natural beauty firsthand. So I took the left off Western Ave. going north and headed down Fays Avenue with Sheena in the back seat. At a fork, I took a right and headed up to Camp Lion. No one was home. I parked the car and started on my hike.

Mostly uphill, we walked the trail through the woods for about 15 minutes when we came upon the sounds of children playing. Close to twenty children from Camp Fire were having their “midday snack.” Fascinated by Sheena, they asked questions and volunteered pieces of information.

“Can I pet her?”

“Camp Fire is that way”

“Where did she come from?”

“You came from Camp Lion?”

“Camp Lion’s abandoned. Something happened there, I don’t know what.”

The camp councillors concurred–Camp Lion had been shut down for a while.

So what’s the story with Camp Lion? Can anyone enlighten me?