Show Some Pride!

Posted on September 6, 2010


Maybe I shouldn’t let comments on other websites like Item Live get me riled up. But this is too much!

Reading an article on about the proposed Lowe’s Wal-Mart development on the Lynn/Salem line, I made the mistake of digging into the reader comments.

I admit I have a thin skin. But these people are talking about my town!

“Lynn, biggest joke in MA,” sneers smrtgl2001, dismissing us in a casual phrase, failing to appreciate the diversity, heritage and creativity of our city.

Millargeo says, “Salem is nuts if they listen to advice from Lynn on smart development. This is the city that replaced ghetto building 19 with more ghetto flea market stalls. They are not the arbiters of good taste. Salem should take them to court for the damage done to Salem’s reputation and property values because it borders that pit of a city.”

I’ll have you know I was a proud customer of Building 19! And I wasn’t aware that “the city” replaced it with what the author condescendingly refers to as “ghetto” flea market stalls.

I guess this wouldn’t touch a nerve if it didn’t contain a grain of truth. One need only look at the placement of power lines on the Lynnway or the siting of VNA All Care prominently in our “gateway.”

But this is changing. Due to citizen involvement in league with a concerted effort by the Office of Economic and Community Development, and a forward thinking mayor, Lynn may soon blossom into a city that can hold its own with Salem.

So I say get up off your ergonomic chair (no, wait, stay seated) and go to this story on Put in your good word for Lynn! Tell the ignorant why it is not a pit or a dump, but a community that you love. Argue for your side of the issue. Just make sure you adhere to’s rules for posting or your comment will be removed. I hope to feature the best comments on this blog.

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