Sheena Comments on the Lynn Muzzle Law

Posted on October 8, 2010



Guest blogger Sheena


Being a 9 year old brindle female greyhound from Wonderland Racetrack back in its waning days, I am sad to think that certain of my brothers and sisters will have to wear muzzles. Indeed, muzzles were used at the racetrack to keep us from biting one another in the close quarters there, so I know how it feels.

My human thinks the new law will be ineffective. “Only one dog officer for a city of 89,000 humans? he says. “That’s ridiculous.” Do those city councillors really think there’s any bite in this new ordinance when all they can muster to enforce it is one overworked dog officer? They are like Bozo the West Highland terrier down the street fenced in his yard. All bark. I glance at Bozo, wonder who he’s trying to impress and go about my business. Life’s too short.

This breed specific legislation (BSL) doesn’t make sense. It divides humans instead of bringing them together. It singles out one breed unfairly. The problem is not pit bulls, it’s vicious dogs and the humans that keep them. I don’t know if I believe him, but my human thinks it may be unconstitutional, whatever that means. This world belongs to the dogs, and we know nothing of laws or rights. We just know how to get along. (Well most of us. And what you call property we simply call mine. Every dog to himself.)

Besides, it’s both humans and dogs that suffer when humans don’t know how to take care of us properly. I remember going for a walk with my human. We came across two boys playing ball in the street. One of them was very interested in me. “Does your dog bite?” this little one asked. My human said that all dogs can bite if they’re provoked, but “Sheena has never bitten anyone.” This little pup said his family had several dogs in his house, and one of them was a pit bull. “It poops in the house sometimes, and it bit me.” His older brother said, “You talk too much.” This made me very sad.

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