The Rat Pack comes to Lynn

Posted on October 11, 2010


That’s right. The Rat Pack has been resurrected and is heading straight for Lynn Auditorium on November 5th. Get your tickets now.

The pack of rats in my backyard is nowhere to be found. The people in the apartment house on the other side of the fence cleaned up their act with a little prodding from City Hall and Inspectional Services. It just goes to show you that complaining–I mean speaking up–oftentimes works.

Covered barrels now sit where overflowing trash once flourished. No longer do my dogs hear the rat noises that provoke them to stalk the perimeter of the backyard. The holes gnawed in my fence remain, and I have yet to install any garden sculpture or some such thing to spruce up that corner, but that is still on my to-do list. Anybody got any Buddhas?

It seems that a few viewers land on my blog by searching on terms like “rats in Lynn”, “rat holes in yard” and just plain rats. Give the people what they want I say! Here’s a picture of what I think is an honest-to-goodness rat hole on the other side of my fence in the commercial lot next door.

A rat hole? Probably.
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