Posted on November 5, 2010


I noticed a fundraiser in the SCI Lynn email blast yesterday for the unfortunate victim of a parking dispute on Bennett St. at the Lynn SportsCenter which ended in his death. When it happened, I wasn’t very interested. The fundraiser for the victim prompted me to look into it more.

The incident allegedly involved someone’s car blocking the driveway of a business. The victim went to complain to the perceived offender, and the result was tragic.

I can relate to that.

We live in a house next to a barbershop and a pizza place. The number of drivers who block our driveway on a daily basis is phenomenal by my standards. At first we complained, sometimes vehemently. After all, this was our driveway. They were blocking our means of departure and return. How inconsiderate could someone be? Each time, we contemplated moving to a place where this is not a problem.

Did I ever think I was risking my life when I went out to complain? I didn’t really give it a thought until after the anger was released. Now that I look back, it could have been me in traction or worse had I complained to the wrong person.

Now, I’ve habituated to people blocking our driveway. After 5 years of living where we do, it just eats up too much psychic energy to get mad at every offender, whether they are inconsiderate, ignorant, in a hurry or just going in to pick up their pizza. A friendly request to move usually works for most people; if it doesn’t inconvenience us, we won’t say anything. Heck, some people even park in our driveway.

Recently, I came home to find a well-worn compact car in our driveway, keys in the ignition, a “Vote for Titus” bumper sticker and a David Guterson novel in the back seat. You can guess what I did.

The surprised young man came back with pizza in hand and commenced to search beneath driver’s seat. “Looking for these,” I said after a few minutes. Lucky for me, this young man was apologetic.

Then there are the fantasies I have of taking the car with the keys in the ignition and driving it to an undisclosed location. The fear of getting caught always puts a damper on this urge. Two wrongs don’t a right. He’s blocking my driveway, so I’m stealing his car? The Item headline might read, “IRATE HOMEOWNER HIJACKS DRIVEWAY BLOCKER’S BUGGY.

Speaking of cars and fantasies, I have the desire to obtain an electronic device that will cause the woofers and tweeters of car speakers above a certain volume to either self-destruct or cause significant aural pain to occupants of the car. Anyone know if such a thing is made? If so, where can I get one?

Come to the Lynnway Sportscenter this Saturday November 6th to help raise money for the family of Chad McDonald. Chad McDonald was a local man who recently died of injuries he incurred durring a parking lot dispute in Lynn. Chad left behind a wife and two young boys. There will be gift raffles, a 50/50 raffle, and scratch tickets; as well as Karaoke hosted by Christie Connolly. 10% of all food, drink, and bowling sales will also be donated to the family.

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