Top Ten Reasons to Support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay

Posted on November 15, 2010


10. On September 25, I cycled 25 grueling miles in Foxboro and surrounding towns under a hot sun in the 20th annual Rodman Ride for Kids. My goal was to raise $750 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay. Well, I haven’t reached it yet, and I only have until November 19. If I don’t raise $750, I’ll be the laughingstock of the office. I work there too! Help!

9. One caring, reliable, thoughtful adult matched with a child in a lasting friendship can transform a life. Moments of firsts — first Red Sox game, first time going fishing or strolling along the Charles River. Getting out of “the neighborhood,” receiving undivided attention and having someone to confide in can keep a child from dropping out of school and help them realize their full potential. Mentoring relationships are one of the most powerful means of influencing a child, and the friendship of a caring adult can ensure a child’s future.

8. Every dollar I raise goes directly to BBBSMB. Plus, 10% of every dollar will be matched by the Rodman Ride for Kids! So, for every dollar that you contribute, BBBSMB receives $1.10!

7. BBBSMB reaches out to the children most in need, specifically those who live in poverty and single-parent households. There are more than 72,000 at-risk children between the ages of 7 and 14 in our service area of 155 eastern Massachusetts communities. BBBSMB supports these matches for boys and girls until they are 18 years-old or graduate from high school.

6. BBBSMB is on the cutting edge of delivering mentoring services to those children most in need. We’re partners with Big Sister Association of Greater Boston in service to the Bromley-Heath housing development. This unique initiative represents an opportunity to not only reach out to underserved children, but also to deliver concentrated services that produce community-level impact. In 2011, we anticipate serving over 90 boys and girls living in Bromley-Heath, or nearly one in every five youth in our target age range.

5. I’m working for our community here in Lynn, trying to recruit more Big Brothers and Big Sisters to serve the children here. The demand for our services from families in Lynn has historically outstripped our ability to recruit volunteers willing to travel here. Nothing to do with “our rep,” it’s really our location and lack of public transportation. I want to change that. So I’m working with BBBSMB and my contacts in Lynn to recruit more Bigs.

4. Our hallmark is providing consistent and quality service. As a result, match quality at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay is higher than the national Big Brothers Big Sisters average, and the average length of our matches is among the longest in the nation. Our attentiveness to
quality ensures that our matches are long-lasting, helping children reach higher and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

3. Over the last 60 years, thousands of Littles’ lives have been positively affected by our program. We are proud to be one of the nation’s leading youth mentoring programs, and by supporting close to 2,000 active matches, we are one of the largest one-to-one adult child mentoring programs in the

2. In many of our matches, we bring together people from different races and socio-economic backgrounds. Both Big and Little learn a lot from each other’s backgrounds. Families are enriched. Horizons broadened.

1. All it takes is one person to give a child hope.  Donate Here!

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