East Lynn Community Association’s 2nd Annual Wreathing

Posted on December 4, 2010


Mary Trahan, president of East Lynn Community Association, and Judy Flanagan Kennedy, Mayor of Lynn, hang a wreath at the intersection of Chatham and Lewis St.

I wasn’t expecting to see the Mayor today, nevermind hang wreaths at several East Lynn intersections and sit down for coffee and conversation at Dunkin Donuts with her. Yet there we were, spending Saturday morning together. I even got a ride in the Mayor-mobile.

Mayor Kennedy’s car comes with police and fire department radios, a siren and flashing blue lights in the grill. The mayor needs to know what’s going in the city 24/7, and you never know when a siren and flashing lights will come in handy.

We’re lucky to have a mayor that participates so fully in the community. She picked up a broom for ELCA’s Clean Sweep this summer working alongside everyone else. She celebrates the diversity that of our city with the monthly flag-raising ceremony outside City Hall. She spends an hour on the phone listening to someone who wants to shut down the Food Project. I’m impressed.

But she isn’t just public relations. It was great to see policemen and women in the neighborhood walking the beat this year, our city’s budget posted on the web for all to see and her effort to bring the city’s IT infrastructure into the 21st century.

Mary Trahan, president of the East Lynn Community Association, is the prime mover behind the wreath-hanging. This is the second year in row she’s done it. Who knew that wreath-hanging could be such a great outreach tool? I wasn’t looking forward to it. But as people smiled and waved from their cars and pedestrians offered to help, I realized that time was flying and I was having a wonderful Saturday morning. We even recruited a new volunteer.