The Snow Job

Posted on December 29, 2010


I can’t believe the political shitstorm caused by this latest snowstorm.

What a fiasco, Jay Fink. Throwing residents under the bus for throwing snow back into the street. I see it clearly Jay; I’m no victim of snow blindness.  The streets of Lynn were such a mess after the most recent snowstorm that my bus could barely squeeze through Union Street on my way home from work the day after. Most every community surrounding Lynn had streets plowed down to pavement. Not Lynn.

Why? Because as you and Darren Cyr say, Lynn residents everywhere could be seen “dumping” snow back into the street. It wasn’t the snow plows contracted by the city that did a lousy job. It’s not the stellar crew you have working at the DPW.

As anyone can plainly see, the power of the plow to push snow is dwarfed by the snow blower’s unrelenting emission. Those evil snow blowers just pile it all back up in the street. How can the poor plows win?

No. It’s our fault. Oh, you say you didn’t mean it like that? That’s what it sounded like, Jay. Really, you should learn to keep your mouth shut. Where’s the accountability? I don’t see any. Just a feeble attempt to cover your ass.

Now another draconian ordinance to “solve the problem” is on the horizon. A plan to increase fines for not shoveling the sidewalk to a width of 42 inches. $100 fines for “dumping” snow back into the street. Meanwhile the sidewalk in front of Fraser Field remains unplowed 2 days after the storm.

I want to see accountability, not blame. I want to see heads roll! Not another meaningless ordinance that won’t be enforced.

Seriously, we have not seen a storm like this for a while. It’s not fair to use it as your poster child for your new ordinance. Just shut up and do your job. It’s frustrating enough to have a five foot pile of compacted snow blocking your driveway right after you shovel it out.

This is the straw the broke the camel’s back.

And Judy, you “think” this atrocious snow job cost upwards of half a million dollars? Way to get the blood boiling.

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