Flabbergasted by the MBTA

Posted on January 3, 2011


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I noticed something different the minute I boarded the 459 bus at Downtown Crossing at 6 PM. A half-dozen people who I usually ride with on the 5:10 had also worked late, I thought, for there they were sitting quietly. Then the bus driver departed at 6:05 instead of the usual 6:10. “What going on?” I said to the woman sitting in front of me.

Apparently me and my fellow travellers were last to receive the memo about the altered bus schedule. What geniuses decided to change the schedule without warning customers? How many other rush-hour bus schedules had been changed to ring in the New Year? Did they change the route too? As I compared the new schedule to a previous one, I noticed a significant omission. Gone was the “Driven by Customer Service” slogan on the front. No more was the smiling MBTA employee there as well. Now, just a picture of a bus.

The bus that used to leave at 5:10 now leaves at 5 on the dot. The 6:10 leaves at 6:05. (Sure glad I got to the bus stop at 6:00 tonight.) Somebody just threw a monkey wrench into the schedules of … probably not enough people to make a difference. The schedulers have decreased the frequency of 459 busses leaving Downtown Crossing and Salem Depot, and it seems they didn’t give a thought to notifying riders. I hear the Haymarket busses are also changed.

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