A Tale of Two Blogs

Posted on February 21, 2011


You’ll see two new links in my blogroll. The Daily Tomato is a new Lynn blog written by what is clearly a deranged vegetable that came to fruit in the Ingalls School Garden this fall. Deeming himself “the Head Tomato,” the author has taken to lampooning city politics by writing Onion style satire because “if you can’t laugh at it, you must cry (or drink a lot).”

The other blog is Stanley Wotring’s Lynn School Watch. Stanley is a concerned parent with 2 children in the Lynn public schools. He is also a volunteer librarian at the Ford School. Lately his blog has been a lightning rod for dialogue on issues of special education, misuse of federal grants, and funding for an additional administrative position in the midst of severe budget cuts. Lynnside Edition salutes Rick Starbard for being the only school committee member to take part in the discussion.

Remember that elections for city council are coming up this fall.