Miss Pug Goes to City Hall Square

Posted on June 25, 2011


Seriously considering the hamster for lunch, its crate lined with the Daily Item, my bulging eyes glanced upon a most cockamamie headline: New Ordinance: Lynn Residents Get Fewer Trash Barrels. As i’ll put just about anything in my mouth and swallow it whole, i wanted to know if this new law would curtail my scavenging for yummy scraps left behind on trash day.

i don’t think so. I can’t believe they worked on this for six months! It takes me less time to figure out a new way to get my humans to give me a snausage. Limit the number of trash barrels a residence can leave on the curb in order to… this is where i get lost. What’s the goal here? It has something to do with rodent control according to the article, but the writer never really spells it out.

Throw the bums out! Vote for Zuzu Pug!

Nor do any of the city officials quoted in the piece. That is why i, Zuzu Pug, am filing my papers with City Hall to run for Councillor of Ward 3. I formally announce my candidacy here, on the Lynnside Edition. In the event that I am too late to do this, I throw my full support behind Dan Cahill, who is not running for Ward 3 Councillor but is the only one who showed any semblance of commonsense during the pitbull public meeting.


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