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Posted on July 23, 2011


You should check out this new blog written by a woman who grew up in Lynn and went to Wellesley College. I’m not sure if she still lives here, but in her Blogger profile, CCH says she is a “Wellesley psych grad with a strong interest in education, politics and American culture/history. Seeking civil discourse.”

Her blog, An Education, is well written, level-headed and persuasive. CCH definitely has a strong point of view, but delivers it in such a way as to put doubters like myself at ease. Let me explain that.

Oftentimes what I read on the internet is too strong on point of view and too weak in backing it up.  Bloggers that spread what I consider nothing more than rumors and speculation and engage in ad hominem attacks are passionate about their cause, but I take what they say with a grain of salt precisely because they are too passionate or partisan. “Oh, there goes so-and-so spouting off again, I say to myself. “They may be right, but that’s not the right way to go about persuading people like me. ” The more you can demonstrate that you’re not rabidly invested in the outcome of an issue, the more credibility your arguments gain.

An Education is like a refreshing breeze in this wilderness of bluster. CCH delivers level-headed analysis, uses actual numbers to bolster her arguments and doesn’t scream bloody murder in any way while doing so, all while coming to a persuasive conclusion. Read her post on charter schools and see if you don’t agree. For a post on presidential candidate Herman Cain, she does nothing more than state some facts and allows her readers decide on a conclusion.

For the above reasons, An Education earns a top spot on my Blogroll.

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