A Convention of Plovers

Posted on September 28, 2011



Plovers huddle on Red Rock waiting for the tide to go back out.

So beautiful a morning it was, I just had to venture out and enjoy it. Compelled is too weak a word; something deep inside my being urged me to take advantage of this precious summer-like day. The forecast called for misty rain, but I could not see a cloud in the sky. These days will be missed.

As I walked past Red Rock with Sheena, I noticed something odd about the texture of the rock. A split second later, I resolved the oddity into a compact grouping of plovers waiting for the tide to go back out so they could forage. I know some people don’t care too much for plovers, especially the endangered ones that insist on nesting on prime beach real estate. Me, I like plovers, love to watch them flit across the surf at sunset.


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