Canine Cop a Vest

Posted on October 15, 2011


Vest-a-Dog President Katy HInds at today's tag sale benefit

[Ed. note: This is another in a series of guest posts by the author’s greyhound, Sheena.]

I was out walking Tom this wonderfully smell-filled morning (the wind carrying scents from Dog knows where) when my eyes spied a sign on a distant corner. Tag sale to raise money for Vest-a-Dog at 410 Eastern Ave.

We walked down to 410, which is the Bethany Congregational Church. Down the stairs and into the basement we descended. Kathy Hinds, President of Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog greeted us. Since I understood very little of what was said other than that Vest-a-Dog provides bullet proof vests for police dogs, I’ll let Tom do some writing:

Thanks, Sheena. I’ll do my best. Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog started in 2000 when Kathy Hinds’ daughter read the story of an eleven year-old girl in San Diego inspired to raise money to buy bullet-proof vests for police dogs upon reading about the death of Solo, a police dog shot and killed in the line of duty. Since then, Vest-a-Dog has helped provide more than 300 K9 protective vests to Massachusetts law enforcement agencies.

“Vest-a-Dog helps provide vests, essential equipment, training and dogs,” says Hinds. Vests are quite expensive, she says, ranging in price from $1000 for standard bullet-proof vests to $2400 for special SWAT team vests.

Just what do these dogs do for us? Areas of K9 certification include evidence recovery, tracking, criminal apprehension, narcotics, explosive and arson detection.

Hinds says that “during our fundraising efforts, handlers have often noted the fragility of their K9 budgets and lack of funding for other equipment  such as hot & pop units, bite sleeves and suits, kennels, specialized training and the ultimate big ticket item: the purchase of a dog.”

Back to you, Sheena.

Thanks Tom. And thanks for buying those delicious peanut butter dog cookies. I bet even you would enjoy one. And many other people, dogs, people-dogs and dog-people would enjoy these upcoming events.

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