Follow-up on Williams Avenue Park

Posted on November 21, 2011


The graffiti is gone. I’m assuming the Essex County Sheriff’s office erased it with their graffiti deleting machine sometime before Sunday, November 6, when I noticed it gone. Proof that calling City Hall’s Graffiti Hotline can result in a positive outcome. It took several weeks, but I don’t think that’s an unreasonable timeline.

The city’s graffiti hotline is (781) 477-7099. Be sure to press 2 a the first prompt, then 8 at the second. (The city website says go straight to 8.) See my previous posts, Experiments in Civics and Cognitive Therapy and Counting the Days, for the back story.

Other good things are in store for Williams Avenue Park. East Lynn Community Association board member Eliana Runyon said her group plans to petition the Lynn Parks and Recreation Department to adopt it. Eliana is also working to bring a new play structure in with the help of Lynn Community Facilities Manager John Moberger, organize regular cleanups and plant some greenery.

Now, if only the Mayo Group would do something about the tags that adorn its properties. If memory serves, outgoing Councillor at-Large Paul Crowley worked on a solution by which the city would arrange for graffiti removal on private property owner signed a waiver.

On a positive note, street art is making the downtown area come alive with painted utility boxes by Raw Arts and a mural taking shape next to the Lynn Museum. Hey, we need art up here too!