One Small Victory in the War on Trash

Posted on June 26, 2012


This place was a mess last week. Now look at it!

Last Monday, this driveway was a mess, the poster child for neighborhood blight, a perfect storm of overflowing refuse. I’m kicking myself in the pants for not taking a before picture.

So this is what a story in the Lynn Item can do for you. According to my neighbor Steve, who lives across from this abode, the landlords hired a crew to clean it up after getting slapped with a fine. It even looks like the grass has been cut.

So thank you, Felix Espinosa and Maria Rodriguez, for doing the right thing. I looked up your names on Patriot Properties. I’m sorry it took a fine to get you to take better care of your property. [The property was sold almost as soon as I wrote this; the new owner cleaned up.]

But if that’s what it takes…Funny thing, though. I walked by your property tonight, and there was no trash whatsoever out on the curb. And it’s trash night. What happened? People still live there I assume. I’ll be keeping my eye on you.

Still, I think you deserve some credit for responding so quickly. One down, ninety-nine to go.

Some thanks are in order. According to Steve, the city has been stepping up its rat abatement program in my neighborhood by hiring a licensed exterminator to bait more traps–thank you, city. I also wish to thank Chris Stevens from the Lynn Item for jumping on the story about Lynn’s rat infestation, as well as the Item itself. And last but not least, thank you Darren Cyr, for caring enough to keep on fighting.

Let’s keep this in perspective though–one very small victory in the war on trash and a good beginning. Sustainability is key.

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