Forgive us Our Trashpasses

Posted on June 28, 2012


Good landlords do what Maria Rodriguez and Felix Espinosa did at 68 Essex St. Bad landlords on the other hand, like KJ Realty Trust of Saugus (look it up on Patriot Properties), which owns the commercial lot next to mine, leave their properties looking like this, even after repeated attempts by the city to get them to clean up their act:

I know because I’ve called and wrote to Inspectional services about them more than once over the last few years. Inspectional Services gives them a visit, I observe KJ doing the bare minimum to clean up, then it all eventually returns to the same sorry state until I call again. Why can’t KJ Realty just maintain the property?

Maybe it’s because they don’t really care who they lease to. As long as the rent gets paid. I’ve seen 3 failed businesses occupy the unit at 63 Essex St. Small convenience stores that stock everything and nothing. When these businesses stop paying the rent, they leave all their merchandise behind.

Then I see Uncle Joe, the face of KJ Realty. A feisty old Italian from the old country who swears like a sailor. Who’s he found to rent the place next? Another small convenience store. Mind you Nina’s Convenience (which I recommend) is right on the corner of Eastern and Essex  and another small grocery lives 2 blocks in the other way down Essex.

What is a Realty Trust anyway? As far as I can tell, just a name to hide behind.

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