Mayor Refuses Emergency Funds for Rat Control to Budget

Posted on July 1, 2012


Thank you Media Seth! I didn’t stay at City Hall for the 8 o’clock city council meeting on June 26, and missed some lively discussion on the budget. Thank the gods you were there to record the whole thing unedited. I would have had to rely on a 3rd person account if you weren’t there, for fraks sake!

After hearing from someone at the meeting that the Mayor said she felt “blackmailed” after councilors asked her to allocate additional money toward rat control before they approved the budget, I was all ready to lay into the Mayor. After all, I also heard she had tacked another $3 million onto the budget from free cash for potential back-wages to city employees under a new contact. I was all ready to bring up that $25,000 raise for the school superintendent (which I think is obscene, by the way, but unconnected).

She refused the rat control funds, albeit she had her reasons. Then there was talk about forming a commission to discuss short-term solutions to the problem. (Yawn) Wanna know more? Watch the video! Really, the relevant footage is not that far in and there’s none of that ceremonial pomp to wade through beforehand. The sound is remarkably good. Besides, you might learn something!

I was, however, present at the ordinance subcommittee meeting before the full chamber met. Ward 3 Councilor Daren Cyr invited me. I am glad the mayor also took him up on his invitation. We had, I thought, a productive discussion about trash. Scratch productive; replace with well-meaning, for that’s all it was–a discussion. As Councillor Peter Capano later said in the council chambers proper, we’ve discussed this issue to death. What’s needed now is action.

I am not alone in thinking that the rodent problem is particularly bad at this time.  Dan Cahill, Brendan Crighton, Darren Cyr, William Trahant and Peter Capano were all in favor of allocating more funds toward rat control. Trahant and Capano suggested some concrete actions, among them baiting the sewers and an aggressive clean and fine campaign targeting the worst trash offenders.

Alas, the mayor was focussed on more long-term solutions. She wants to see a new trash ordinance before taking any action. Respectfully, Mayor, the time for action is now.

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