An Apology to Centerboard

Posted on August 5, 2012


I regretfully admit that I made an error in judgement in my post Trash Talk. In that post, I gave the impression that Centerboard owned the property at 56 Essex Street where I documented an accumulation of trash in bags on the sidewalk. I threw out the unsubstantiated allegation that Centerboard contracts with the owner of this house to provide homeless transitional assistance.

I based these allegations on the word of a “reliable source.” Those are two words I will never use together again. Centerboard in its previous incarnation of SPIN (Serving People in Need) may have once used that property for its homeless program. It does not anymore.

I wish to work with Centerboard, not against them. They are doing great things for the city of Lynn. I could have confirmed the allegation with Centerboard. But I did not. Lesson learned. In this age of instant mass communication we (I) need to be more careful with our words.

Please check out their new Facebook group Never Come Out the Way You Went In. It is an open group where you can post all your positive experiences in the city of Lynn. Post awesome Lynn pics, short favorite Lynn videos, etc… And did I mention they are looking for volunteers? Please explore their home page to find out more.