Lynn’s Clean Team Shines This Summer

Posted on August 27, 2012



The Clean Team cleaned the city’s Buffum St. parking lot on August 9. Photos by Samantha Earp

Guest post by Roxanne Nealon, Communications Director at Centerboard.

The infamous “Clean Team” has become a well-known presence in the city throughout this summer. This group of eleven youth spent their summer vacation cleaning up some of the city’s most run-down areas. They braved intense heat and humidity to reach their goal of making Lynn the cleanest city on the North Shore. The Clean Team operates by requests which come through Centerboard’s Facebook page, email and word of mouth.

Information is gathered from the person requesting Clean Team services, and then the site is scouted out before the scheduled clean-up date. The Clean Team is out in the community Monday-Wednesday. The Clean Team always leaves a post card with the businesses and/or residents in the areas they clean to prompt them to keep the area clean. On Thursdays they attend job readiness and financial education classes along with all the other youth employed through the summer jobs program.

These youth have been given the opportunity to work and earn money while making a visible and immediate impact on their city. This opportunity has been provided by the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley. This is the second consecutive year the United Way has funded youth summer jobs in Lynn.

The Clean Team is not the only group of youth working to make a difference in Lynn.

The “Social Media Team” is another group of youth working with Centerboard this summer. They have been working with another youth group based out of the East Coast International Church on a social media-based project with a goal of dispelling the negative reputation of Lynn. This project is called Shake, Shatter and Shift. The youth have been trained to notice the positive things happening in the city all around them and then share on Facebook and Twitter.

The “High School Volunteer Club” is another group of youth working at Centerboard. This group is comprised of three students from Lynn Classical High School who have been working on developing a High School Volunteer Club within the city. They have organized a youth event on 8/13/12, inviting the youth of Lynn to enjoy music, food and activities and learn about how to get involved with the High School Volunteer Club.

Centerboard’s artisan catering and employment training business, Wicked Tasty, is also employing a group of youth. The “Wicked Tasty Team” has learned food preparation skills, kitchen safety and sanitation skills, presentation skills and business management. They have assisted Wicked Tasty’s chef in catering several events over the summer.

There are also youth being employed by other Lynn non-profit organizations such as the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Girls Inc and the Gregg House.

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This remarkable resource for over 50 Lynn youth is a result of the United Way’s commitment to the city of Lynn. Their unprecedented efforts towards maximizing the potential of Lynn is astonishing. The United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley has become an integral part of Lynn revitalization efforts and is regarded with great gratitude.

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