A Very Short History of Contemporary Rubbish Regulation in Lynn

Posted on September 19, 2012



6/10/86–Chapter 8.24 of the Ordinances of the City of Lynn, entitled “LITTER AND REFUSE GENERALLY” is approved by the city. This ordinance is revised 4 times in the period from 1986 to 1997. Source–http://www.ci.lynn.ma.us/cityhall_documents/clerk/City_Ordinances.pdf

June 21, 2011–A proposed ordinance amending Chapter 8,24 is passed by City Council unanimously with emergency, meaning “a special emergency exists involving the peace, health and safety of the people or their property in the City of Lynn.”

July 1, 2011–Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy vetoes the amended trash ordinance citing outdated size definitions for barrel and bag, and “the onerous provision” of a “3 barrel limit imposed by section 5:00.”

June 26, 2012–the Ordinance Committee meets to discuss solutions to ongoing rat/trash problems in the city. Representatives there from The Greater Lynn Chamber of Commerce (GLCC) reveal that Attorney Ron Mendes is drafting a revision of the trash ordinance for the committee to consider.

After this meeting, the full chamber meets to discuss and vote on the annual budget. Several City Councilors request additional funds to address the rat infestation.  Mayor Kennedy refuses to allocate these emergency funds, demanding a longer-term solution starting with a revised trash ordinance.

August 14, 2012–at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Ordinance Committee, Chairman Darren Cyr, Councilor of Ward 3, invites Waste Management to give a presentation about their automated trash collection programs.

August 21, 2012–Councilor Cyr convenes a special meeting of the Ordinance committee, inviting Waste Management again. The first draft of a new ordinance is submitted. The Mayor and the Council disagree strongly about the purpose of the ordinance. Councilors want the ordinance to be built around an automated trash pick-up contract with Waste Management; the Mayor takes issue with this approach.

Before the Committee adjourns for a private talk with the Mayor about negotiations she is currently conducting with Waste Management, GLCC President Leslie Gould urges everyone to read the actual ordinance and make revisions.

September 19, 2012–still waiting for the Ordinance committee to reconvene.


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