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Canine Cop a Vest

October 15, 2011


[Ed. note: This is another in a series of guest posts by the author’s greyhound, Sheena.] I was out walking Tom this wonderfully smell-filled morning (the wind carrying scents from Dog knows where) when my eyes spied a sign on a distant corner. Tag sale to raise money for Vest-a-Dog at 410 Eastern Ave. We […]

A Convention of Plovers

September 28, 2011


So beautiful a morning it was, I just had to venture out and enjoy it. Compelled is too weak a word; something deep inside my being urged me to take advantage of this precious summer-like day. The forecast called for misty rain, but I could not see a cloud in the sky. These days will […]

The Rat Pack comes to Lynn

October 11, 2010


That’s right. The Rat Pack has been resurrected and is heading straight for Lynn Auditorium on November 5th. Get your tickets now. The pack of rats in my backyard is nowhere to be found. The people in the apartment house on the other side of the fence cleaned up their act with a little prodding […]

Sheena Comments on the Lynn Muzzle Law

October 8, 2010


    Being a 9 year old brindle female greyhound from Wonderland Racetrack back in its waning days, I am sad to think that certain of my brothers and sisters will have to wear muzzles. Indeed, muzzles were used at the racetrack to keep us from biting one another in the close quarters there, so […]