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Politicians Take Debate in Lynn

October 22, 2011


So many debates, so little time. The next one is scheduled for Monday at 7PM at the Ford school. The Highlands Coalition is sponsoring it. You may have seen members of the Highlands Coalition today and last Saturday helping the DPW plant new trees along Essex Avenue. The Coalition scored a $21,000 grant from the […]

School Committee Forum Tomorrow

October 16, 2011


On October 17, the Highlands Coalition will be sponsoring a school committee forum from 7 to 9 PM at the Ford School on 49 Hollingsworth Street. Cleo Hereford, author of the local An Education blog is moderating. The candidates are Patricia Capano, Maria Carrasco, Donna Coppola, Delores DiPhillipo, John Ford, Jr., Charlie Gallo, Vincent Spirito […]

Who Will Look Out for Our Children?

August 31, 2011


I couldn’t say no when asked to moderate the upcoming ELCA Forum for School Committee Candidates on Wednesday, September 14, at the Congregation Ahabat Sholom, 151 Ocean Street in Lynn, 7:00 p.m. Association President Mary Trahan says,”Citizen involvement in this election for School Committee members is crucial for the development of the city because having performing […]

Gateway City

January 13, 2010


Down on the US – Mexico boarder, VC2 Producer Ami Cuneo spends some quality time with the Minutemen and Border Angels and attempts to shed light on the immigration quagmire. Clancy called Lynn a gateway city in one of the debates when he brought up the new SPIN Financial Stability center; the nonprofit organization My […]

Who is Charles E. Shannon Jr. and Why Does He Have a Grant Named After Him?

October 29, 2009


And what does this have to do with Lynn? Charles E. Shannon Jr. was a Lexington police officer for 20 years. Shannon served 8 terms in the State Senate. During his tenure in the Senate, he worked on ways to combat gang violence in Somerville. After he died of cancer in 2005, the state of […]

Debate Dissection Part II

October 27, 2009


Politics is the art of evasion. Try as you might to frame a question that requires a specific answer, the good politician will find away to avoid answering it so as not to commit to any specific course of action. Most of the questions at the Ford School debate were of the “What would you […]

Debate Dissection Part 1

October 21, 2009


Moderator David Gass of the Highlands Coalition opened by telling the audience what was at stake: the mayor of Lynn has executive power over all building and services in the city. In other words, he or she is the CEO in charge of a $225 million budget as well as chair of the school committee. […]

I Like a Good Debate

October 19, 2009


Tonight, the Highlands Coalition hosted a mayoral debate between Mayor Chip Clancy and Judy Flanagan Kennedy at the Ford School in the Highlands. Clancy sat on the left side of the long table on stage, and Flanagan Kennedy on the right. Over 200 folding chairs were arranged in the school auditorium with an aisle down […]

A Lively Debate

September 3, 2009


All three candidates were there! And that’s a good thing, else I fear I wouldn’t be calling this event a lively debate. I can’t thank Mayor Clancy, Judy Flanagan Kennedy and David Rohnstock enough for giving the people of Lynn a chance to hear their positions on issues affecting all residents of Lynn. Lynn Happens […]

The ELCA Wants You!

August 22, 2009


…to send them a question to ask the mayoral candidates for the Sept. 2nd town hall debate at the Temple Ahabat Shalom. The best questions will be selected by the East Lynn Community Association (ELCA) board and the people who submit them will get to ask their questions at the debate. Judy Flanagan Kennedy and […]

Judy Flanagan Kennedy First to Accept Debate Invite

August 13, 2009


[Ed. note: to watch a video of the debate, go to] Judy Flanagan Kennedy personally accepted an invitation to a town hall style mayoral debate sponsored by the East Lynn Community Association (ELCA) scheduled for Wednesday, September 2, at 7:00 P.M at the Temple Ahabat Shalom in Lynn. Last night, I met with Ms. […]