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Debate Dissection Part II

October 27, 2009


Politics is the art of evasion. Try as you might to frame a question that requires a specific answer, the good politician will find away to avoid answering it so as not to commit to any specific course of action. Most of the questions at the Ford School debate were of the “What would you […]

The Aftermath

June 26, 2009


The state of the economy hurts us in many ways. Companies lay off workers. School budgets get cut, eliminating programs that keep the schools safer and make them more enriching environments. This is what happened last night at the school committee meeting. The Ford is still a community school, but now just grades K-5. And […]

Public Hearing on School Budget this Thursday

June 23, 2009


It was still drizzling as I made my way to the Ford School for the Highlands Coalition meeting on Monday night. Unfortunately, I would be too late to hear the mayor talk about the impending closure of the Ford School Annex due to budget cuts. But he was there, I am told.   Parents whose […]

The Ford School

May 22, 2009


You probably already know that the Robert L. Ford School in the Highlands is a NASA Explorer School. In August 2007, the media reported on students chatting live with astronauts on the International Space Station. But did you know that the book "Becoming a Community School," published by the nonprofit Project for School Innovation in Boston uses the Ford school as a model for how to establish a community school?