Tidying Up

Posted on October 14, 2012


Surely, landlords have an interest in keeping their properties clean, maintaining the safety of their structures and providing the means by which tenants can safely dispose of trash. And certainly, tenants must faithfully use what the landlord gives them in terms of waste disposal. I’m sure tenants want  to live in a safe, clean environment, free of rats.

And most assuredly, blog writers have an obligation to check their facts.

Back in Spring, I praised Maria Rodriguez and Felix Espinosa, who I thought were the owners of 68 Essex St., for cleaning up their act. After all, I trusted no better source than Patriot Properties, the official keeper of these records for the city of Lynn. Maria and Felix are still listed there as owners.

But later that spring, a neighbor told me that 68 Essex had been sold, that it was the new owner who cleaned it up. By all appearances, the new owner is keeping it quite tidy. A Google search on that address today sent me to realtor.com, where the house is listed as sold in May of 2012, for well below the price it was last sold in 2003–about $150K less.

Well, then, here is another neighborhood upgrade! I haven’t met the new owner, but he or she is doing a better job with trash disposal than the previous owners.

Speaking of landlords, The North Shore Rental Property Association is beginning its second year with a meeting on October 15 at 6:30 PM in the community room of the Lynn Housing Authority on 10 Church St. Attorney Phillip Mann will be leading a round table forum on the legal pitfalls to avoid in tenant screening. There will also be a discussion and opinion on proposed trash ordinances in Lynn and surrounding communities.

I wonder if the NSRPA is taking an official position on the proposed trash ordinance? A draft of the ordinance, the writing of which was spearheaded by the Greater Lynn Chamber of Commerce, can be found here.

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