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I’m Sure There Were More than 300 Volunteers in Lynn Saturday

April 28, 2013


“For a long time there have been rumors that Latinos come here to take,” the translator said. “We’re here to show that Latinos give.” The man speaking in Spanish before the crowd in front of city hall was Juan Gonzalez. I’ve known Juan for several years, but I did not know he was pastor of […]

Misty Morning

October 21, 2012


The Tide is Turning

October 13, 2012


As I watched Thursday’s installment of Channel 5’s Chronicle on the city of Lynn, I couldn’t help but think about the rat my dog just killed. Sheena the greyhound, 11 years old, you still got it in you. You saw it, you chased it, you clamped your formidable canines on it, shook it and dropped […]

Finding Solutions or “There’s More than One Way to Skin a Rat”

August 23, 2012


I feel obligated to write about Tuesday’s informal meeting of the Ordinance Committee called to discuss the rat/trash problem we have in Lynn. After all, Councilor Darren Cyr invited me and I got to sit at the big table. I even got to speak my piece. Part of me feels like “This is family business–don’t let any […]

Trash with a Capital T & That Rhymes with G & That Stands for Garbage!

August 19, 2012


Yessir, trouble right here in Ocean City. Trash trouble. What will the good citizens of Lynn do to keep this ball of trash rolling? Demand more from their city government? You bet! Only we want this ball to get smaller. There’s a special meeting of the Ordinance Committee on Tuesday, August 21 at 6:30 PM in […]

Human Rights Commission Vacancy in City of Lynn

July 30, 2012


The deadline has been extended to Friday, August 3, 2012, 12:00PM, for applications to the Human Rights Commission recently proposed by Councilor at-Large Hong Net and created via ordinance by Lynn City Council. Notice is hereby given that the following vacancies which are appointed by the City Council exist:  Members of the Human Rights Commission. […]

Dumpster Day This Saturday

July 19, 2012


“Bring me your clutter, your bric-a-brac, Your dusty junk yearning to escape, The wretched crap of your teeming domicile.” 2012 SUMMER DUMPSTER DAY… CLEAN OUT YOUR ATTICS, CELLARS AND GARAGES! DROP OFF: Department of Public Works, 250 Commercial Street DATE: Saturday, July 21, 2012 From 7 AM To 2 PM NO PAINT – NO HAZARDOUS […]

Citizens Advisory Council and Mayor’s Challenge

July 12, 2012


I’m surprised and happy to see these things on the city of Lynn’s website Homepage: Application For Lynn Boards and Committees Mayor Kennedy is accepting applications for positions on City of Lynn Boards and Committees. Current positions available: Off Street Parking Commission Citizens Advisory Board Traffic Commission Zoning Board of Appeals- Full and Associate Members […]

These are the Pros and Cons of Bullet Votes

November 5, 2011


Are you going to vote on Nov. 8th? In the best of all possible worlds, you want your vote to count, right? Maybe if you bullet vote, your vote will count more. Then again, maybe not. In the upcoming election, you can vote for up to 4 of 8 at-Large Councillor candidates and up to […]

Irene Takes Red Rock by Storm

August 28, 2011


Storm connoisseurs and revelers greeted Hurricane Irene this morning at Red Rock Park and all along LynnShore Drive. Some runners and joggers considered it just another day on the promenade, one immersing himself in the experience by wearing nothing but running shorts. Be forewarned though; the conditions can change quite rapidly. What started out as an […]

The Henry Avenue Park Summit

June 22, 2011


We watched the dark blue sedan climb the hill toward Henry Avenue Park, its driver anonymous behind the glare of the windshield. At the last moment, it took a left instead of continuing straight into the cul-de-sac that served as the playground’s parking area. “That looked like a drive-by,” said Antonio. “That’s the kind of […]

Some Thoughts on Diversity

June 11, 2011


The third annual World Folk Festival at Lynn Heritage State Park kicks off today. [Now postponed to Sunday June 26 because of rain] To this observer, that is an impressive accomplishment that bodes well for Lynn. Everyone who had a hand in organizing the event should be proud. They’ve stuck with it for 3 years in […]

Food Project Throws Lynn Farm Fest Tomorrow

May 20, 2011


The free seeds I picked up from the Food Project booth at Culturefest last summer are in various stages of growth. The Swiss Chard is 6 inches high and the Peas have just sprouted. Still waiting for the beans. Can’t wait to use of these fresh homegrown vegetables in a salad or other summer dish.

East Lynn Community Association Presents “State of the City”

January 8, 2011


The January 12th meeting of the East Lynn Community Association will host Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy for a “state of the city” type presentation with a question and answer forum following. In addition, representatives of Inspectional Services and DPW will be on hand to address rodent problems and recycling, respectively. The meeting will be held […]

Flabbergasted by the MBTA

January 3, 2011


I noticed something different the minute I boarded the 459 bus at Downtown Crossing at 6 PM. A half-dozen people who I usually ride with on the 5:10 had also worked late, I thought, for there they were sitting quietly. Then the bus driver departed at 6:05 instead of the usual 6:10. “What going on?” […]

The Snow Job

December 29, 2010


I can’t believe the political shitstorm caused by this latest snowstorm. What a fiasco, Jay Fink. Throwing residents under the bus for throwing snow back into the street. I see it clearly Jay; I’m no victim of snow blindness.  The streets of Lynn were such a mess after the most recent snowstorm that my bus […]

Sheena Comments on the Lynn Muzzle Law

October 8, 2010


    Being a 9 year old brindle female greyhound from Wonderland Racetrack back in its waning days, I am sad to think that certain of my brothers and sisters will have to wear muzzles. Indeed, muzzles were used at the racetrack to keep us from biting one another in the close quarters there, so […]

The Ford School Garden

September 29, 2010


The long, gnarly slender green beans growing on the trellis in the Ford School community garden look familiar. Where had I seen them? A couple of miles away, in my neighborhood, the same variety festoons the chain link fence of a home on Williams Avenue. Every time I walk by, I am tempted to pick one. […]

Walnut Street Cafe Open Mic

September 13, 2010


“Acoustic Thrash Metal. Words you don’t normally hear together,” MC and native son Don White said as he introduced the musician from Natick to the audience at the Sunday night open mic at the Walnut Street Cafe. The entertainment mix for the night included acoustic, electric, comedy, rap and spoken word. Lots of originals and […]

Only 15 Minutes to Discuss our Kids’ Future?

September 7, 2010


by Jesse Jaeger Tuesday August 31st the Lynn School Committee held its annual budget hearing. They took just 15 minutes. I almost missed it because I was running late from work. Three people spoke including me. A 15 minute school budget hearing is just unacceptable for a budget line that makes up almost a third […]