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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

February 23, 2014


It’s no accident that recycling is last. It’s the least desirable option of the three. Adam Minter’s Junkyard Plant: Truths in the Billion Dollar Trash Trade sets out to explain why. Adam Minter grew up the son of a junkyard owner specializing in scrap metal, worked for his father while growing up and parlayed that […]

A Very Short History of Contemporary Rubbish Regulation in Lynn

September 19, 2012


  6/10/86–Chapter 8.24 of the Ordinances of the City of Lynn, entitled “LITTER AND REFUSE GENERALLY” is approved by the city. This ordinance is revised 4 times in the period from 1986 to 1997. Source– June 21, 2011–A proposed ordinance amending Chapter 8,24 is passed by City Council unanimously with emergency, meaning “a special emergency […]

Get Your First Draft of the New Lynn Trash Ordinance Here

September 13, 2012


What if you could have a hand in crafting policy for the city? What areas would you focus on? How would you achieve your goals? Attorney Ron Mendes, board member of the Greater Lynn Chamber of Commerce, drafted a new trash ordinance for the city of Lynn. He submitted to the City Council about a month […]

Finding Solutions or “There’s More than One Way to Skin a Rat”

August 23, 2012


I feel obligated to write about Tuesday’s informal meeting of the Ordinance Committee called to discuss the rat/trash problem we have in Lynn. After all, Councilor Darren Cyr invited me and I got to sit at the big table. I even got to speak my piece. Part of me feels like “This is family business–don’t let any […]

The Ordinance Committee Talks Waste Management

August 14, 2012


The acoustics of Room 402 leave much to be desired. Subtract the presence of carpeting due to renovations and add the open windows due to the lack of air conditioning in City Hall and what you get is a frustrating exercise in listening to the City Council Ordinance subcommittee meeting where solutions to Lynn’s trash problem […]

Trash Talk

August 1, 2012


Every Wednesday morning for the past few weeks, on the way to the train station and in the aftermath of what the Item has dubbed the ticketing blitz, I’ve been taking pictures of the trash left out for collection. For the past two weeks, it looked like this: I posted last week’s picture on the Lynnside […]

A Slum by Any Other Name

July 2, 2012


I heard her say that word. “You’d call this a slum? I asked. Wearily: “I don’t know…the rats, appliances left on the sidewalk…yeah, I’d call this a slum.” She’s lived on Howard St. for 10 years. We were talking about–you guessed it–the rats. The word slum touched a nerve. I certainly didn’t want to admit […]